Mrs. Yvonne Wong
I like nothing better than to roll up my sleeves and get creative and involved with my students’ learning. I firmly believe that every child matters in the classroom, and as a teacher my role is to make learning approachable to each of them as individuals. For me, a job well done is when a child can get excited about learning, discovering and gaining new skills.
I obtained my certificate in Education in 2009 from the University of Durham, United Kingdom. I also received specialised training in teaching French to young children and have lots of resources and various teaching techniques to make language learning fun! I have a strong background in languages and enjoy presenting different cultures and customs to my students in the classroom.
Children in the toddler program will be part of a positive and friendly learning environment, and I will always encourage students to show kindness and respect to others. They will actively learn together through songs, stories, creative work and imaginative play and receive a curriculum that will incorporate activities to develop their social, language, numeracy and motor skills.