Mrs.  Sylvia Sobol 


As a founder of Eurokids Learning Center my goal is to provide the opportunity for every child to become optimally ready to learn by entry to kindergarten, and thus, to build a solid foundation on which to continue to achieve success and realize their potential. 


Mr. Mark Sobol 

Program Director 



Over 19 years of teaching experience in Elementary and  General Music in the Philadelphia School District, Mark Sobol has a background in classical and jazz music, as well as chorale conducting.  Mr. Sobol  teaches all ages and different genres of music. He was born in the former Soviet Union and began studying piano in a program for gifted children at the age of six and holds degrees in music education and piano performance from Temple University. Mark teaches general music in the Philadelphia school system for almost 20 years, and led Summer Workshops at Settlement School of Music.  You can always join his classes whether at the advanced, intermediate or beginners level. Watch on YouTube click here.