Here at Eurokids, we strive to create a small, safe and secure environment that will provide your child with a real sense of belonging, the exceptional environment to encourage your child's educational and social development. Classes are suitable for ages 3 to 5. 

Our program forms a unique learning platform for children, combining everything from languages, arts and culture to music and natural science in a supportive, encouraging, nurturing and playful environment. Our highly trained teachers are mindful of each individual, tending to the different learning habits and developmental needs of every child, ascertaining a healthy capacity for psychological, emotional, social and physical growth.  

The curriculum is aligned with guidelines set by national accrediting associations. The program includes, but is not limited to foreign languages, music hour (led by highly qualified, professional educators), science,  math, phonics, story-telling and listening comprehension through group discussion, creative movement, and acting/role playing, arts-&-crafts, extra-curricular activities.     

Please call to schedule your visit at 215 992 9539




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