S P A N I S H   L A N G U A G E 


Hola Parents!


 The philosophy is a “human-to-human” approach that emphasizes the learning of language through play, song, dance, art, and imitation from an instructor. Repetition is the key to learning any language and this will be the central idea for our Spanish class here at Eurokids Learning Group. 


The children will be covering a broad spectrum during their classes. The curriculum will include lessons focusing on introductions, colors, shapes, days of the week, weather, and much more! In addition to the language aspect children will also have cultural lessons about Spanish-speaking countries, such as the importance of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and the importance of family time in Spain. The children will be given worksheets to complete at class as well as progress charts so that you can monitor just how much they are learning. It is important that you help your child engage in the material at home so that this Spanish class can be a rich and wonderful experience. This Spanish class should be fun for your child above all things.








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