Withdrawal Policy: All requests for withdrawal must be received in writing before any student will be considered withdrawn. Written requests, either by letter or e-mail, should be directed to the Registrar of Eurokids Learning Center. Verbal requests or notification of intention to withdraw do not fulfill this requirement. Notifying the teacher does not constitute notice of withdrawal. The effective date of withdrawal is the date that the written notice is received, not the last date of class or private lesson. Students withdrawing up to two days before the first class/lesson will receive a full tuition refund minus the registration fee.

Children and Teen Classes: A pro-rated tuition refund will be given for students withdrawing from classes during the first three weeks of the class. If the student is withdrawing in the fourth week, a tuition refund of 50% will be given. There will be no refunds after the fifth class session.



Charge for Extended Payment Plan: Parents may request an extended payment plan, which allows payment in four installments during the year. There is a $25 charge for this. The extended payments must be arranged in writing with the Registrar. (Not applicable to adult classes.)




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